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Plastic Storage Products Category


1   Place 



2019 IMMIB Industrial Design Contest  •  Plastic Household Tools Category/Professionals


1st Place  •  Full scholarship to study abroad


Define a problem from daily life and design a product that brings a clever solution to it. The product should be ergonomic, feasible and made from plastic material. 

Istanbul Metals and Minerals Association calls for designers to craft creative and meaningful products that are evaluated by their members, who are pioneer business owners and prominent industrial designers.




Grains are prone to contamination. All equipment should be sanitized carefully before use.


Grains shouldn't touch a metal material to be safe, and they get damaged while transferred through jars and sieves.


A minimum of 3 jars, 2 sieves and 2 wooden spoons are needed to prepare and store the kefir drink. 

Kefir is a centuries-old fermented dairy beverage celebrated for its probiotic properties. To create it at home, kefir grains – a mix of bacteria and yeast cultures – are introduced to milk. After 24 hours of fermentation, the kefir grains are gently separated from the liquid using a sieve, and stored in the fridge with a bit of milk for future use.


Say goodbye to the hassle of constantly transferring your precious kefir grains from strainer to jar.

Kefirexx is an all-in-one fermenter and container set meticulously designed to nurture kefir grains in a safe and hygienic environment within its compact jar.

With Kefirexx, you can enjoy the art of kefir-making without the fuss of extra equipment and tedious clean-ups, thanks to its innovative strained cap.

Kefirexx Keep your grains safe!

Fermentation Cycle

Storing Grains

Usage Scenario

Once milk fermented into kefir, turn upside down again


Put milk in tall jar

Attach air-pipe to strainer cap

Turn upside down once more

to start fermentation 

Wait for kefir drink to drain into tall jar

Then remove kefir jar and set aside

Remove air-pipe to clean

Close transparent cap 

Pour milk over kefir grains to store Keep both jar in the fridge 

Put kefir grains into the grain jar

Close the strainer cap

Set aside transparent caps








Turn grain jar upside down

Put it on tall jar and twist-lock

Why air-removal is important?


What happens when the grains grow over time?

If the straining stops, gently tilt Kefirexx to the left to allow the grains to gather in the lower-tier

An additional tier has been added to the strainer section to prevent potential blockage of the holes during straining


When fermenting kefir, air ventilation is important as it facilitates the release of alcohol during fermentation. 

Kefirexx provides clean and secure ventilation through its ventilation pipette and spring-loaded ventilation cap system.

Fermenting single-serve kefir

The ventilation cap opens when the pipette is attached and closes when it's removed, preventing the risk of leaving it open while storing grains.

Strainer hole diameter: 2.5 mm.

Small enough to prevent grains from passing through, wide enough to strain quickly

The grain container, with its 250 ml capacity, can be used to ferment a daily glass of kefir on its own


In this case, leaving the transparent lid slightly ajar ensures ventilation

ventilation on

This will reopen the holes and straining process contunies

Exploded View

9. 1000 ml Glass jar / 82 mm standard twist-off  

10. Grain jar cap / Food-grade clear PP ( 82 mm standard twist-off )

11. Milk jar cap / Food-grade clear PP ( 82 mm standard twist-off )

5. Air-removal cap / Food-grade PP

6. Air-removal pipe sealing / Food-grade rubber

7. Milk jar sealing ring / Food-grade rubber

8. Air-removal pipe ( 3 units ) / Food-grade clear PP

with standard glass jars & various capacities
kefirexx full set

1. 250 ml glass jar / 82 mm standard twist-off 

2. Grain jar sealing ring / Food-grade rubber

3. Double-sided strainer / Food-grade PP ( 82 mm standard twist-off )

4. Spring for air-removal cap / Metal

kefirexx single

Capacity: 250 ml 

Diameter: 85.5 mm

Height: 97 mm

Capacity: 1000 ml 

Diameter: 85.5 mm

Height: 197 mm

Capacity: 1000 ml 

Diameter: 85.5 mm

Height: 267 mm

Capacity: 250 ml 

Diameter: 85.5 mm

Height: 97 mm

Capacity: 1000 ml 

Diameter: 95.5 mm

Height: 256 mm

Capacity: 700 ml 

Diameter: 95.5 mm

Height: 222 mm

Capacity: 425 ml 

Diameter: 95.5 mm

Height: 172 mm

kefirexx ceremony.jpeg
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