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Hi, I’m Ulgen. I am a product designer.


With over eight years of experience as a designer, I am passionate about crafting user-centric products that are easy to use, accessible, and visually appealing. I have a Master of Arts in User Experience Design from Loughborough University and a background in industrial design and team leading. I am highly competent at creative problem-solving and using design to bring meaningful experiences by exploring the interactions of people, technology, and the environment.

Currently, I am leading the user research and concept development of a product at, where I am getting familiar with the start-up environment and the joy of working with emergent technologies. I am also responsible for driving impactful transformations to enhance the online presence and customer experience of an Italian restaurant in London. 

As a UX designer, my foremost objective is to advocate the usability of products, ensuring they truly meet the needs and expectations of users. I thrive on validating my design decisions through user testing and continually refining my work through iterative processes. By combining creativity with data-driven insights, I strive to create seamless and delightful experiences that resonate with users and drive the success of the products I contribute to.

I apply a human-centered design process that involves extensive user research, collaborative workshops, intuitive UX design, and visually appealing UI design to my work. I also utilize Figma, Marvel, Adobe Creative Suit, WordPress, and other tools to develop and deploy user experience design.


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