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Masters Project •  12 Weeks  •  Group project / 5 Ux Designers

User research  •  Ideation  •  Service design 

Transform existing museum services to provide social value for a specific target user in context of social distance and remote working.

Service Blueprint  •  Customer Journey Map  •  Stakeholder Map. •  Service Blueprint 

Value Proposition Canvas  •  Social Business Model Canvas  •  Storyboard  

    Our Team

Team Diamond

We were a group of master's students from different bachelor backgrounds and nationalities working on the project. Due to Covid restrictions, our meetings all took place online. We used Miro Board to design and collaborate. 

Screenshot 2022-12-07 at 21.13_edited.jpg

Our team having fun after a session

My Role

We performed all our design sessions collaboratively online without splitting into roles since it was a service design project. I conducted two semi-structured interviews with families for our user research. I prepared our persona and value proposition presentations. 

Discover Phase


Most museums became less accessible to the public during the pandemic, which affected them and their staff economically and psychologically. How can we find new ways of building a bridge between museums and people utilising digital solutions?

Target Group

We choose young core families with children to take care of. They are remote working, trying to find a balance between looking after their kids and also handling their work at the same time.

Research Hunt Statement

We would like to know about the current frustrations of young families with a toddler who works from home so that we can reshape museum services to help them create a better work/family time balance during the pandemic.

Research Overview
Key Findings
  • Toddlers get bored quickly and want to change activities quite often.

  • Parents find it hard to find quality material to keep their kids busy watching or playing.

  • Parents can't leave their toddlers alone watching tv since they get bored quickly.

  • Parents lack a community to share their experience with other families because of covid.

  • Kids lack peer interactions.

Final Product

2021-05-06_Muse Box_Service Design(press quality)_edited.jpg
2021-05-06_Muse Box_Service Design(press quality)-4 copy.jpg
2021-05-06_Muse Box_Service Design(press quality)-8 copy.jpg
2021-05-06_Muse Box_Service Design(press quality)-2.png
2021-05-06_Muse Box_Service Design(press quality)-3 copy.jpg
2021-05-06_Muse Box_Service Design(press quality)-5 copy.jpg
2021-05-06_Muse Box_Service Design(press quality)-6 copy.jpg
2021-05-06_Muse Box_Service Design(press quality)-9 copy.jpg
2021-05-06_Muse Box_Service Design(press quality)-7 copy.jpg
2021-05-06_Muse Box_Service Design(press quality)-10 copy.jpg
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